Who you are as an entrepreneur determines the business you own. It’s your worldview and the things that wake you up every day that are crucial to your brand. You – and the things you unconsciously think, do and communicate – attracts people. To build a strong and authentic brand it’s crucial to know yourself. To make the unconscious conscious and the implicit explicit.

The Native Brand test let’s you easily discover who you are. Using twelve psychology-based brand archetypes -build upon twelve universal human motivations – the test reveals more about you and your brand than you can imagine!

Curious? Take the Native Brand test below. And you know what, be intuitive about your answers!

Native brand test

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More about the archetypes

    So the test reveals that you are a hero, a guy next door or a magician. Now what?

    You should know that these archetypes are build upon twelve universal human motivations and therefore extremely recognizable. For that reason they are being used as main characters in every book and movie. For us, as a person and as an entrepreneur, each archetype attracts to a certain extend.

    But there’s always one that beats the other. That’s your main driver; your archetype. You’ll find more info about yours below.

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    THE caregiver

    The caregiver is characterized by compassion and self-sacrifice. Think about an empathetic nurse, a caring concierge or a grandmother pampering her grandchildren. The caring archetype suits companies and organizations that are concerned with care, for example in health care, non-profit and hospitality.

    Also known as: saint, altruist, mother, servant, helper, supporter, martyr, advocate and caretaker
    Promise: I treat you the way I want to be treated
    Deepest wish: to protect people from evil
    Aim: helping others
    Fear: selfishness and lack of gratitude
    Weakness: martyrdom and being victim of abuse
    Strategy: doing things for other people
    Gift: compassion and generosity
    Motivation: stability, control and safety
    Tone of voice: thoughtful, nice
    What customers feel: loved, safe, grateful, “I am not alone” and “I am taken care of”

    *More information about the caregiver archetype and how to use that in your branding, see this page (only available in dutch for now, working on that, sorry!). 


    It sounds contradictory… the creator longs for freedom but seeks control. Hanging in this delicate balance, we find visionary and innovative brands that value imagination and self-expression. Particularly in the fields of arts, design, marketing, and technology.

    Also known as:
    artist, designer, musician, writer, dreamer and builder
    Promise: trust the creative process
    Deepest desire: to create something of endless value
    Aim: to shape a vision
    Fear: mediocre vision and execution, the loss of inspiration
    Weakness: perfectionism, prima donna behavior
    Strategy: to master an artistic or technical skill
    Gift: creativity and imagination
    Motivation: stability, control and innovation
    Tone of voice: unique, descriptive, visual and rich in metaphors
    What customers feel: amused, inspired, “I want to be able to do what he can”

    *More information about the creator archetype and how to use that in your branding, see this page (only available in dutch for now, working on that, sorry!). 


    Discovering who you are, finding yourself, that is the ultimate goal of the explorer. Even while traveling the outside world. “Sometimes you have to go far to come close.” In our western world, the urge to discover is everywhere and always, whether explicitly or implicitly. The brands that respond to our need for freedom, adventure and independence are true explorers.

    Also known as: seeker, wanderer, individualist, pilgrim, pioneer, adventurer and scout
    Promise: find and follow your own path
    Deepest desire: the freedom to discover the world and/or yourself
    Aim: to lead a satisfiable and authentic life
    Fear: inner emptiness and imprisonment
    Weakness: wandering aimlessly, not belonging anywhere
    Strategy: discovering new things
    Gift: ambition
    Motivation: independence, satisfaction and freedom
    Tone of voice: open-minded, inventive, tolerant
    What customers feel: adventurous, developed, amazed, alive, “I have no limits”

    *More information about the explorer archetype and how to use that in your branding, see this page (only available in dutch for now, working on that, sorry!). 


    Ordinary people… we just love them. They are the ones who can do great things but are not in it to be seen as great. To them, it’s all about being real and truthful, about working hard and being honest. Modesty is their motto. The guy next door loves common sense and being true to himself. Entrepreneurs with the guy next door archetype are lucky bastards, because they are so recognizable. They are ‘one of us’. It’s that with what they conquer our hearts.

    Also known as: friend, realist, citizen, the good neighbor, the silent majority
    Promise: we’re all equal
    Deepest desire: connection with other people
    Goal: to fit in
    Fear: to not fit in, to be elite
    Weakness: loss of identity in the eagerness to belong
    Strategy: finding something that binds people, merging
    Gift: realism, empathy, authenticity, modesty
    Motivation: belonging
    Tone of voice: friendly, nice, modest, honest, practical
    What customers feel: understood, seen, embraced, “if he can do it, I can do it too”, warm, familiar

    *More information about the guy next door archetype and how to use that in your branding, see this page (only available in dutch for now, working on that, sorry!). 


    Who does not like to have fun? The role of the clown is to bring people together to play and have fun in life. He is the perfect entertainer, knows how to make sure people feel good – a feeling that every brand wants to be associated with.

    Also known as: magician, joker, jester, comedian and artist
    Promise: if you do not have fun, something is not right
    Deepest desire: to experience moments of pleasure
    Goal: have a crazy time and lighten the world
    Fear: being bored or getting bored by others
    Weakness: idle time, nonchalance
    Strategy: being funny and enjoyable
    Gift: joy and humor
    Motivation: pleasure
    Tone of voice: enthusiastic, expressive, full of self-mockery, the crazy emphasis, joking
    What customers feel: playful, energetic, entertained, amused, light, “I love life”

    *More information about the clown archetype and how to use that in your branding, see this page (only available in dutch for now, working on that, sorry!).


    That great feeling he gives you. The feeling that you are the most beautiful, beloved person on earth. You walk on roses with the lover on your side. He knows that too. The lover archetype knows that people want to feel special, and he wants to give them that feeling. Intimacy, friendship and a real connection. Nobody is alone. What does love have to do with our lives? Everything.

    Also known as: partner, spouse, friend, associate, seducer, teambuilder and enthusiast
    Promise: everything revolves around love
    Deepest desire: intimacy
    Aim: to have relationships
    Fear: being alone and unwanted
    Weakness: loss of own identity while busy seducing others
    Strategy: being attractive to others
    Gift: passion and appreciation
    Motivation: connection and belonging
    Tone of voice: affective, warm, with many adjectives
    What customers feel: excited, enthusiast, affection, enchantment, “I want what he is having”

    *More information about the lover archetype and how to use that in your branding, see this page (only available in dutch for now, working on that, sorry!).


    Oh, how attractive and appealing: transformation, a new beginning, a metamorphosis. Pure magic! Brands of the magician archetype bring us excitement and seduce us with the promise: you too can be better, stronger, and more beautiful. Embraced with uninhibited curiosity, fundamental knowledge and spot-on intuition, the magician creates wonders from situations of stagnation and chaos. There is a life before we knew them and a life after we got to know them.

    Also known as: inventor, visionary, shaman, alchemist, intuitive
    Promise: if you can dream it, you can do it too
    Deepest desire: understand how the world works
    Aim: realize dreams
    Fear: unintended negative consequences
    Weakness: manipulation
    Strategy: develop a vision and live it fully
    Gift: finding win-win solutions
    Motivation: mastery
    Tone of voice: lightening, moving, clear
    What customers feel: fascinated, enchanted, “I want to experience this”, “I’m on the edge of something big”

    *More information about the magician archetype and how to use that in your branding, see this page (only available in dutch for now, working on that, sorry!).


    We all have a wild side, and the rebel speaks to exactly that part of us. To our deep-rooted wish not to conform to anything, to our rebellion. The rebel ignores social norms and even searches for ways to destroy them. Not just to destroy, but with the aim to rebuild better ways. Rebels do have causes. Living on their own terms. Viva la revolución.

    Also known as: activist, gambler, reformer, revolutionary, exile and dissident
    Promise: rules are meant to be broken
    Deepest desire: revolution, changing the rules of the game
    Purpose: to destroy what does not work
    Fear: being powerless
    Weakness: crossing the lines, crime, only focusing on pleasure
    Strategy: disruption, destruction and shock
    Gift: radical freedom
    Motivation: liberation
    Tone of voice: frank, raw, honest
    What customers feel: rebellious, stimulated, excited, driven, impulsive, special, “other people are bad”

    *More information about the rebel archetype and how to use that in your branding, see this page (only available in dutch for now, working on that, sorry!).



    Where would we be without structure and overview in our lives? Although power, control and authority are easy to abuse, they are also necessary to manage chaos. Brands that offer the world the structure and stability we need, deserve the title of ruler.

    Also known as: boss, aristocrat, royalty, politician, manager, godfather and upper class
    Promise: let me guide you and everything will be fine
    Deepest desire: control
    Goal: to create a prosperous and successful community
    Fear: chaos, being dethroned
    Weakness: being authoritarian, unable to connect with people on their own level
    Strategy: show leadership
    Gift: responsibility and leadership
    Motivation: stability
    Tone of voice: refined and clear
    What customers feel: awe, admiration, guided, enchanted, happy with good taste, “if I follow him, I share in his success”

    *More information about the rebel archetype and how to use that in your branding, see this page (only available in dutch for now, working on that, sorry!).


    The endearing child, the dreamer, the optimist. They are all characters of the innocent archetype. Companies use and embrace this archetype to satisfy two large, often unfulfilled, needs in the hectic lives of their customers: simplicity and happiness.

    Also known as: purist, idealist, saint, traditionalist, child, dreamer and muse
    Promise: life does not have to be heavy, keep it simple
    Deepest wish: to experience paradise Goal: being happy
    Fear: do something wrong and be punished for it
    Weakness: simplistic and naive worldview
    Strategy: doing things right
    Gift: wonder, confidence and optimism
    Motivation: independence and a fulfilled life
    Tone of voice: simple, concise, cheerful
    What customers feel: happy, encouraged, “I can do this!”, nostalgic

    *More information about the innocent archetype and how to use that in your branding, see this page (only available in dutch for now, working on that, sorry!).


    A courageous triumph, a victory over adversity, that is what the hero is about. It is his reason of being, there he finds excitement and satisfaction. Determined to achieve his goal, he shows a ‘never give up’ attitude. We have all been inspired or saved by a hero. Where would we be without him?

    Also known as: warrior, crusader, savior, superhero, soldier, dragon slayer, winner and coach
    Promise: where there is a will, there is a way
    Deepest desire: prove value by entering into and enduring trials
    Goal: use mastery to improve the world, to win
    Fear: be weak and give up
    Weakness: arrogance, always need a fight, self-centeredness and aggression
    Strategy: to be as competent as possible
    Gift: courage
    Motivation: mastery Tone of voice: motivating, self-assured, disciplined, direct
    What customers feel: inspired, strong, empowered, determined, motivated, “I can meet this challenge by taking action”

    *More information about the hero archetype and how to use that in your branding, see this page (only available in dutch for now, working on that, sorry!).


    The truth… what is that? Sages lie awake at night puzzling that question. They are, being perfectionists, not satisfied with vague answers. The sage is on a mission: analyzing everything to find the one and only right answer, and sharing it with others.

    Also known as: teacher, expert, detective, researcher, mentor, consultant and thinker
    Promise: the truth will set you free
    Deepest desire: to discover the truth
    Purpose: using intellect to understand the world
    Fear: being duped, ignorance, being outsmarted
    Weakness: continuously studying details and not taking action, lack of feelings / emotion
    Strategy: understanding information, understanding processes
    Gift: wisdom and intelligence
    Motivation: independence and fulfillment
    Tone of voice: factual, decisive, with authority, intelligent, well-researched What customers feel: educated, wise, engrossed, knowing, “I understand”

    *More information about the sage archetype and how to use that in your branding, see this page (only available in dutch for now, working on that, sorry!).

    Please note*

    * This site was originally written in dutch. Are you dutch speaking, please have a look at the extended information about archetypes on the website. Not dutch? So sorry… 😉
    BUT don’t worry, Francien knows her languages, so feel free to reach out to get more information about your test results, about the impact of using your archetype in branding and of course to find out how you become a Native Brand.


    Native Branding is about uncovering your inner strengths, about finding out what really drives you forward and why your ideal customers love you.

    It’s about being real, authentic and strong. Knowing how to move people on a deep emotional level, building a brand and a thriving business without a struggle because you’re leaning into your natural behavior.

      • You feel structured and focussed, instead of overwhelmed by 1001 small ideas and to do’s

      • You are magically being noticed, and extremely visible

      • You are the best version of you, instead of trying to be someone you’re not

      • You are magnetically attractive to your ideal clients and employees

      • Making the right decisions is easy and fast

      • Creativity and inspiration flow as never before

      • Everything you do has impact and result

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