The story of Arnon

Arnon Barnes is following his mission to help people grow, become
successful and change lives! Like a true archetypal hero he has
helped more than 90.000 entrepreneurs be more productive, grow
business income and experience personal

What Arnon does, is beyond business coaching. This Native story
tells you why.

The hero coach: expected but one-dimensional

Having the hero archetype pop-up in the Native Brand test was no
surprise for Arnon. His entire business – like most business
coaches by the way – is built around action and results, mastering
skills and optimal performance. Hero, you said? 😉 Yet during 13
intensive weeks going native in the Arnon Barnes brand, we found
out that this is not the complete picture. Week by week gradually
we uncovered some very important, hidden depths and dimensions to
the brand.

Mastering freedom

While many business coaches – some even without having much
business experience themselves – focus only on results, Arnon knows
what truly drives entrepreneurs. Why they started in the first
place. He, from own experience, can relate to their initial desire
to experience a ‘rich and free’ life. Is their dream fulfilled? The
harsh truth is that many of Arnons clients have successful
businesses, but work harder than anyone else to meet all
responsibilities. Imagine the pressure you can experience,
providing income to several or many families! Many entrepreneurs
are nothing less than slaves to their businesses. And what they
need is someone to show them how to master the skill of freedom
while growing their business.

The Native story

It’s no coincidence that serial entrepreneur Arnon Barnes focusses
on action toward more freedom and experience. As with all Native
Brands, it is his own story that defines his brand. Having to step
up to provide an income for his family as a kid, being a school
drop-out because of that, serving in the Israeli army learning
about discipline and focus, starting as an entrepreneur in his
early twenties and achieving financial freedom by the age of 28. It
was only recently that Arnon realized he had been working hard and
harder his entire life to be bigger and better all the time, and
did not take enough time to experience the benefits of an
entrepreneurial lifestyle .

The ideal client

This is very relatable for Arnon’s ideal client: the hard working
generation X entrepreneur who has proven to be succesfull but is
lacking many other things. Having a great relationship with his
partner, spending quality time with the kids, experience all the
beautiful and exciting things and places the world has to offer. It
is time to step out of the treadmill.

How Arnon works

Arnon reminds him: why again did you start all this? With
strategies and tactics, action plans and a lot of focus on personal
growth, Arnon helps him to actually fulfill the dream of a rich and
free life. That can come in many forms and shapes. From confronting
clients with their lack of action, to telling the husbands to bring
their wives some flowers. From serving clients with actual business
strategies to taking them on a safari leadership experience in
South Africa.

Native Branding: insights and clarity in hidden

The Native Brand program gave Arnon insights and more clarity in
the hidden dimensions of his brand, and how to communicate this to
his clients. It gave him tools to be more on point and aligned. A
way to show more of himself and his energy in his hero brand,
knowing that this is what attracts his ideal clients. As such,
knowing his brand gave Arnon more power. As mister Barnes himself
like to state:

“The more clarity you have, the more power you have”

We are proud and honored to have been able to work with Arnon
Barnes. And we support any entrepreneur who is NOT living their
dream of a rich and free life – even while being successful – to
contact Arnon Barnes. Be prepared to be taken on a confronting,
inspiring but in any way centering journey that will change your
life forever.

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